What will happen during my first session?

Reflexology can help with a wide variety of health conditions, ranging from cancer treatment to stress relief. If you’re interested in seeing whether it works for you, here’s what to expect during your first session.

Firstly, allow yourself extra time as this session may take about 15 minutes longer than usual, and will often end after 45 to 60 minutes. This is due to the fact that your reflexologist will likely ask about your medical history, diet, lifestyle habits and other factors affecting your health. It’s important to be detailed in this situation, as the more information the expert has, the better they can apply it to your treatment.

Early on in the session, the reflexologist will likely explain how reflexology works and what will be happening during your time there. Even if you have read up on the field in advance it’s worth listening, as it will give you the chance to ask questions about your specific condition.

Following this, the expert will begin examining either your feet, hands or another part of your body such as your ears, their decision depending on your personal circumstances. If you’re embarrassed by nakedness then don’t worry, as the only clothing you may be asked to remove will be your socks, shoes or tights.

To help you feel comfortable and calm, you will often be asked to lie or sit down and your feet may be washed and soaked in warm water. Some reflexologists use other techniques such as playing gentle music and burning scented oils to enable you to relax fully. Sometimes creams or powders are also used to help the expert access your foot’s reflex points.

The reflexologist will likely cover both hands or feet throughout the session and may revisit some areas more than once. They will apply firm pressure and how a person reacts can differ on a case by case basis, although generally speaking it should not tickle or cause pain. As with all practices, the expert will adjust their style to the client’s needs, and will be making notes throughout the session for aid during future appointments.

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