What You Need to Know About Reflexology

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy involving the applying of pressure to the feet and hands using the unique finger and hand techniques. This therapy is based on the theory that different areas on the feet, hands, lower legs and the face are linked to different parts of the body. Though used as a complementary therapy, no evidence has been provided to support the fact that reflexology can be used to treat any medical condition effectively.

Reflexology is Suitable for All Sex and Age Group

Reflexology therapy can be received by anyone within any age range. This includes newborn babies as well as senior citizens. It would be ideal to communicate with a local Reflexologist to inquire if it is suitable for you, especially if you think you have certain medical conditions that may see you unqualified to receive the therapy.

How Reflexology Can Help You

Well, trained reflexology therapists will provide you with a unique treatment based on the physical and non-physical factors that are influencing your health. Trained therapists do not take credit for curing, diagnosing and prescribing to patients; their treatment is aimed at restoring the body’s natural balance to keep the patient relaxed after the treatment. While some people agree that this therapy is good for them, others may not. Some of the benefits you may get after receiving this treatment include: sleeping much better and feeling an improved state of health. Visiting a therapist will be the ideal way to find out if Reflexology can be helpful to you or not.

How Does This Therapy Work?

Reflexology therapists believe that when an energy field or invisible life force is blocked, healing can be prevented. These therapists believe that by manipulating the feet and hands in a gentle and professional manner, they can relieve both stress and pain in other parts of the body not necessarily where the massage is being done. One explanation given by Reflexologists is that the pressure they apply to the feet transfer signals that keep the nervous system balance and even emits chemical such as endorphins known for stress and pain reduction. Despite these claims by Reflexologists, the medical community has rejected such claims of manipulating life energy – with no evidence to prove that it does exist.

Although the medical community does not accept reflexology as a treatment for any known illness, some successful investigation projects have been conducted with reflexology. Apparently, reflexology is known to be one of the most used alternative therapies in Denmark. This was confirmed by a 2005 national survey that showed that 21.4% of the population of Denmark is known to have utilised reflexology at least once in their lives.

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  1. Tracy on December 20, 2017 at 8:32 am

    I am a great believer in Reflexology and its uses, I have had many clients that have felt the benefit from it 🙂

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