What conditions can reflexology treat?

Reflexology is not in itself a therapy to diagnose diseases and ailments or a medical treatment, and it does not cure illnesses; but we believe that when used correctly, it can help to create balance within your body in order to facilitate healing and increase well-being in patients suffering from many different conditions.

A continued course of reflexology treatments and sessions can help to create a sense of inner calm which can make it easier to attain spiritual, mental and physical goals of all sorts. It’s a practice that acknowledges the need to treat a patient as a whole, rather than just the current symptoms that they are experiencing.

People who have undergone reflexology treatments often report that their overall sense of well-being has been improved and many scientific studies have shown that good mental health and good physical health are closely linked.

Problems associated with the reproductive system are particularly sensitive to stress and the hormones which experiencing stress releases – that includes menstrual problems, PCOS, endometriosis and fertility in both men and women. By tackling stress, reflexology can help to mitigate some of the root causes of reproductive issues and help to get patients back on the road to full health.

Likewise, sleep disorders and insomnia can be triggered by or linked to mental health problems that reflexology may be able to alleviate. Sleep deprivation in turn can exacerbate other illnesses and conditions, so tackling any emotional issues that may be contributing to your insomnia can improve your overall health significantly.

It’s not just physical problems rooted in mental issues that reflexology can aid with though; reflexology can also be effective in relieving stress by creating a sense of deep relaxation and it can also tackle mental health problems like anxiety and depression by inducing calm and improving overall mood in a patient.

It’s important to find a professional and reliable reflexologist with whom you get along well, and who can put you at ease during your treatments. Use our directory to find practitioners near you and find out more about the many health benefits that reflexology boasts.

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  1. amanda Douglas-Gartside on January 28, 2023 at 3:14 am

    Someone who is caring, compassionate and has a genuine passion to help others. To offer a gentle, non rushed helping hand and ear to give the client everything that they might need. Love and understanding x

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