The positive effect of reflexology on stress

So many of us these days lead hectic, stressful lifestyles and finding the time to relax can seem like just one more thing to fit in! However, time out to relax and refresh is essential in a busy life, and reflexology is a great way to do just that, with a soothing, relaxing session to restore balance and harmony to your body.

Effects of stress

Many ailments – insomnia, migraine, issues with digestion and fatigue, to name but a few – are linked to high stress levels. Our lifestyles can contribute to rising stress levels, as well as emotional and physical upheavals or ill health. Stress is not good for either the body or mind, and over time can have prolonged detrimental effects. Reflexology is a great way to de-stress, promote relaxation and restore a sense of balance and wellbeing.

Relax your muscles

Muscle tension has a lot of causes – sitting still in one position, lifting things awkwardly, damage through exercise, emotional stress are just some of them. Over-tense muscles cause the body to become out of balance and damage the nerve paths that connect the muscles to the rest of your body, resulting in more stress, pain and damage. Reflexology uses stimulation the nerve endings found in the feet to relax tense muscles and release the trapped energy, restoring wellbeing and harmony.


Stress can cause tension within the cardiovascular system, restricting the blood’s flow around the body and making it sluggish, resulting in a build up of toxins and waste products. Reflexology keeps the circulation flowing smoothly, which brings more energy and refreshes the body, leaving you relaxed and ready to face life’s challenges with confidence.

The act of reflexology is in itself relaxing, so you have a wonderful virtuous circle, enabling you to relax and unwind! As well as being energising and invigorating, the treatment itself is pleasurable and a great way to de-stress. With reflexology you will be left in a state of harmony and natural balance, making it much easier for you to relax, and harder for you to be negatively affected by stress.

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