Using reflexology to improve digestion

Many people suffer from digestive problems but have trouble finding a treatment that works for them. There are many ways in which our bowels struggle with the strains of processed food, not to mention the stresses caused by medical conditions that affect digestion. From heartburn and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), to indigestion and constipation, complications of the digestive system can be anything from a mild annoyance to a daily struggle.

Reflexology is one of the ways in which sufferers can alleviate their symptoms. This ancient art is often overlooked or misunderstood, but it can have a positive affect on all parts of the body and that includes a troublesome digestive tract.

Reflexology’s ability to calm the nervous system throughout the body is ideal for easing the symptoms of your digestive condition without drinking potions that can make things worse, or starving yourself on an exclusion diet. Superfoods and medicines can work wonders, but a relaxed and happy body is clearly a route towards good health, whatever the situation.

Like most conditions that cause pain and discomfort, digestive problems are often triggered or enflamed by stress. Reflexology can not only relieve that stress, but can target the affected areas to give the body a chance to heal. However, please remember to always seek medical advice about your condition; reflexology works best as an aid to your doctor’s suggested treatment.

With any digestive complaint, staying hydrated is important. Drink water to help your body naturally unblock and flow. Meanwhile, you can aid the flow of energy in your body with a reflexology treatment. Certain parts of the foot are stimulated to affect the large or small intestine, abdominal muscles, oesophagus and other organs as necessary. Whatever your situation, reflexology’s first and foremost benefit is to help you relax. Removing stress and allowing your body to breathe is a sure-fire way to improve your mood and health.

Remember that everyone is different. There are many factors which affect digestion from diet to pre-existing conditions, so the most effective treatment for you will be unique to your situation. Describe your symptoms to your personal reflexologist and he or she can give tailor-made advice appropriate to your condition.

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