What to expect from a reflexology session

A typical reflexology session lasts about 45 – 55 minutes. The client is placed in a comfortable, semi-reclined position on a professional couch or chair. Socks and shoes are removed. The room is often dimmed and tranquil music is played in the background. The session may begin with a warm foot soaking to help unwind and start the relaxation process.

At the first session, a client can expect an introductory chat with the Reflexologist before they begin treatment, to discuss any background issues that may be causing tension. This should include the completion of a consultation sheet. The first treatment will take around an hour and 15 minutes and subsequent treatments will generally last around 45 minutes.

During a typical treatment, the reflexologist will work from the toes to the heels via a slow, gentle progression, reflexing the soles, the sides, and the tops of the feet. They may also work points on the lower leg. Some clients experience an immediate relaxing effect; others may experience some discomfort while certain areas are being reflexed, however this will usually be brief and it will indicate areas of imbalance in the body. Generally the treatment will feel soothing and calming.

The treatment will conclude with a relaxing foot massage. Some clients choose to add to their session by adding essential oils, scrubs and foot masks, but essentially no additional equipment or lotions are required for a reflexology session.

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