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Alison Fuller, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Fertility Massage

  • Glencoe Rd, Weybridge KT13 8JY, UK.

About Alison Fuller, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Fertility Massage

I specialise in treating Fertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Menopause and all things hormonal (very commonly PCOS and Endometriosis) using Reflexology, Fertility Massage and Hypnotherapy.

I strongly believe that treatment encourages emotional release (tension), and physical and chemical (hormonal) balance.  This in turn helps to reduce levels of stress and anxiety commonly associated with fertility problems and assisted conception.

For the past 18 years I have run my practice in Weybridge, Surrey and worked at the Newlife Fertility Clinic in Epsom, Surrey but I am now focusing on my business in Weybridge.

About me

Alison Fuller, MARR, MAR, Dip.I.Pch, CHFP, CHBP, GHR Reg

I am a Reflexologist, Fertility Massage Therapist and Hypnotherapist based in Weybridge, Surrey. I specialise in treating hormonal imbalance in relation to Fertility, Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Menopause and any of the associated emotional and physical stresses that accompany these issues.

The more I treated pregnant ladies the more I became fascinated with the various hormonal changes that occur during their term.  I am often asked to help naturally induce birth so that they could avoid the post ‘due date’ threat of manual or chemical intervention, a pending situation that often brings on stress and anxiety.

This interest developed further into treating for fertility and investigating all the associated problems such as endometriosis and PCOS which are highly common.  I treat ladies and men for natural fertility, or through their assisted conception cycles such as IUI & IVF, supporting the process from a holistic perspective.

However this is just part of the hormonal process; puberty and general hormonal imbalance (PMT, PMS, irregular cycles) etc can all be treated with potential success and improvement.  Treatment also works extremely well for helping to balance and support the body through its stages of peri-menopause and menopause – something so little referred too.

I believe that true holistic therapy is treating on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual, allowing rebalance, shift and change to occur naturally.


Tuesday to Saturday 8.30 - 5.30pm

How to reach me

You can contact me by phone or email or please do take a moment to look at my website.  The 'Contact Me' page contains my address and a map of where to find me.  Weybridge is easy access from the M25, junction 11 or the A3, Cobham Junction.

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