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Yasemin Sharman Therapy

Hove, East Sussex, BN3 5FF
Phone: 07867536118
Website Address: www.yaseminsharman.co.uk
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Yasemin Sharman Therapy

Your Therapy Plan will be Tailored to Your Specific Needs If you are among the millions with chronic pain, a full and active life may seem like an impossible dream. But don't give up. If the pain treatment you have tried doesn't provide relief. We may help. Together, we will put a pain management plan for you. Your therapy plan will be tailored to your specific needs, circumstances, and preferences, depending on the cause of your pain. The therapist may prescribe a specially tailored exercise program to increase function and decrease pain.  Not all centres offer the same services, it's important to do your homework, because As long as exercises are not jerking or high-impact, the generalised tightening up of muscle tone, thus making the skeleton better held together, can often make a surprising difference… 


Yasemin Sharman BS, MS, MSMA,MAR I am passionate in helping to restore the body and mind to a state of balance and strength. Over the course of several sessions my aim is to restore good muscle tone, improve the posture and generally increase the health. I am a member of sports massage associations-SMA, association of reflexologists-AoR and Baby/Toddler reflex association. Here is my qualifications: MODERN MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES – MS degree Marmara Universities, Istanbul CHEMICAL ENGINEERING – BS Degree Yildiz Technical Universities, Istanbul » FIRST AID Wilbury  School of Natural Therapy,  Brighton » ITEC DIPLOMA IN REFLEXOLOGY LEVEL-3 Wilbury  School of Natural Therapy, Brighton Postgraduate Seminars:             » Neck & Shoulder Nerve and Classical Reflexology             by Touchpoint, London             » Digestive – Nerve and Classical Reflexology             by Touchpoint, London             » Skeletal & Nervous System              with Ann Gillanders Advanced Private Tuition, London             » Baby Reflex              by Baby Reflex, Devon             » Toddler Reflex              by Baby Reflex, Devon             » Advanced Reflexology Techniques             with Dwight Byers, London             »  Reproductive Reflexology              with Barbara Scott, London             » Advanced Reflexology Techniques             ART with Tony Porter, London             » Orthopaedic Reflexology  Level-1 & 2             with Spiros Dimitrakoulas, London » REIKI Level-1 and 2 Reiki Maya, London » REIKI MASTER/TEACHING Reiki Maya, London » VTCT DIPLOMA IN SPORTS MASSAGE Level-3 City Collage, Brighton » VTCT DIPLOMA IN SPORTS MASSAGE Level-4 City Collage, Brighton Postgraduate Seminars:             »Pregnancy Massage             Brighton             »Kinesiotaping              City Collage, Brighton             » How to manually assess the joints of the Lower Limb             Guys Hospital-Kings Collage, London             » How to manually assess the joints of Spine             Guys Hospital-Kings Collage, London             » Manuel Lymphatic Drainage             Brighton Holistic, Brighton             » Myofascial Release              Brighton » MUSCLE ENERGY TECHNIQUES-  Guys Hospital-Kings Collage, London » SPINAL MANIPULATION and MOBILISATION TECHNIQUE Master-Class Oxford University Sport, Oxford » CERVICAL SPINE Oxford University Sport, Oxford » COUNSELLING SKILLS Level-1  PACA, Hove » SLEEP SOLUTIONS WORKSHOPS by Scope, Brighton » DRY NEEDLING Club Physio, London Postgraduate Seminars:            » Neck&Shoulder; Triger Point Needling            Guys Hospital-Kings Collage, London            » Advanced Needling Techniques            Guys Hospital-Kings Collage, London            » Scalp Acupuncture            Guys Hospital-Kings Collage, London            » Advanced Medical Acupuncture            London            » Electro Acupuncture            London


Working Times; Monday - Friday 7 am - 3pm --- 6.30pm - 9.30 pm weekends depends on the clients conditions. All appointments shoukd be made in advance. Sometimes you could find the appointment on tha same day. 30 min: £30 60 min: £45 90 min: £65


Yasemin Sharman Therapy 44, Rutland Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 4LD if you type on Google map as " Yasemin Sharman Therapy" you could get the directions.


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