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Shelley Mason MAR at Feetdbfirst

Maidenhead, Berkshire
Phone: 07904 041858
Website Address: feetdbfirst.co.uk
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Shelley Mason MAR at Feetdbfirst and Facial Zone

Relax into Reflexology


Carbon Neutral Mobile Reflexology in Maidenhead and the surrounding area, UK.

Promoting Wellbeing, Relaxation, Improved Mood and Aided Sleep.

Free phone consultation,

First Appointment includes a Full in person consultation at no additional cost.

Carbon Neutral Service, so good for you and the environment.

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Treatment options include:

  • Aromareflex - Combining the power of Reflexology and Essential Oils
  • Mindful Reflexology - For clients with Stress, Anxiety or Mild Depression, also good for general wellbeing maintenance
  • Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage - For the relief of swelling in the face, hands, arms, legs, feet or by causing an effect on the Lymphatic System
  • Facial Reflexology - A natural therapeutic treatment for the face just as powerful as traditional foot reflexology
  • Zone Face Lift - A natural facial rejuvenation programme of between 6 and 12 sessions.


Opening Times

Location/Directions Info: Mobile in the UK, Berks, Bucks and Thames Valley area. Based in Maidenhead. Call to check whether you are within our area. If too far I can Recommend another Insured, fully qualified therapist who is closer to you.

Location Information

Opening Times: For latest availability refer to bookings https://www.feetdbfirst.co.uk/book-online


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