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5 things reflexology can help with

Wondering if you need reflexology treatment? Countless reasons exist why someone might choose to seek out a reflexologist. Every pair of feet is unique, but most common health concerns can be addressed with reflexology treatments. Reflexology Pages offers you the...

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How Does Reflexology Work

According to Reflexologists, this therapy helps to release stress and enables the body to heal and regenerate itself. A theory based on the research of Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington in the 1890s suggests that reflexology works with the central nervous...

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What You Need to Know About Reflexology

What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy involving the applying of pressure to the feet and hands using the unique finger and hand techniques. This therapy is based on the theory that different areas on the feet, hands, lower...

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Reflexology for the elderly

Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment beneficial to the elderly. It is a preventive, pain management and maintenance therapy with the added bonus of human connection through touch which in later years becomes a scarcity. Because Reflexology engages only the feet,...

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What conditions can reflexology treat?

Reflexology is not in itself a therapy to diagnose diseases and ailments or a medical treatment, and it does not cure illnesses; but we believe that when used correctly, it can help to create balance within your body in order to facilitate healing and increase...

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What should you look for in a reflexologist?

If you have never used a reflexologist before, but like the idea of trying out reflexology, it is worth taking time to consider a few aspects before deciding which reflexologist to choose. Unless you already know a reflexologist practitioner, or have had one...

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Reflexology brings athlete back from the brink

A former Olympic hopeful has credited reflexology with his remarkable recovery from a crippling injury. Steve Watson was aiming to compete in the discus in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, but he suffered a spinal injury in the gym that put paid to his aspirations. “I...

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Reflexology: better than painkillers?

For those unfortunate souls that have to live in pain due to a number of different conditions, reflexology could provide the blessed relief they have been searching for. Research carried out at the University of Portsmouth found that people responded positively to...

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The positive effect of reflexology on stress

So many of us these days lead hectic, stressful lifestyles and finding the time to relax can seem like just one more thing to fit in! However, time out to relax and refresh is essential in a busy life, and reflexology is a great way to do just that, with a soothing,...

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What will happen during my first session?

Reflexology can help with a wide variety of health conditions, ranging from cancer treatment to stress relief. If you’re interested in seeing whether it works for you, here’s what to expect during your first session. Firstly, allow yourself extra time as this session...

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