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Reflexology Leeds

Leeds, West Yorkshire
Phone: 07813672742
Website Address: www.reflexologyleeds.co.uk
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Reflexology is based on the principle that different points on the feet, legs, hands, face and ears correspond with different areas of the body gentle pressure is applied to these areas on the feet or hands to encourage the body’s own healing mechanism.

Reflexology can help with the general upkeep of good health and well-being reflexology and also benefit a huge variety of ailments and conditions.

Indian Head Massage is a form of massage therapy created in India thousands of years ago. It is deep massage derived from the Ayurvedic tradition that focuses on the head, shoulders and neck. 

A variety of different techniques are used to result in a free flow of energy around the body, restoring the individual to optimum health and feelings of wellbeing.

The massage starts at the upper back by applying pressure to points that dissolve knots and relax the muscles. The shoulders and upper arms are then massaged to release other common areas of tension, and to the neck and head to release headache-causing blockages and to encourage better circulation of the cerebral fluid. The massage then progresses to the scalp, relaxing the entire head, encouraging circulation and stimulating hair growth. A gentle face massage may then be given that may relieve symptoms of sinusitis & headaches, and encourage good circulation and a glowing complexion. 

About me

Reflexology Leeds is run by Ruth Fawcett, QCF, BA Hon, MAR.  I am a qualified Reflexologist, having studied at Millers Yard in York and can provide reflexology for a variety of concerns and ailments.   I have also completed specific training for fertility,pregnancy and at-birth reflexology.  I am fully insured and a full Member of the Association of Reflexologists.  

I have studied Indian head massage and gained a practitioner qualification.  I have also studied anatomy and physiology in depth.

I am a professional charity fundraiser by trade and have worked for a number of national and international charities fulfilling high value bids and contracts.  However, I have always been intrigued by holistic treatments and after having successful treatments myself I decided it was something I would like to learn more about.  Following my first reflexology session some time ago I am now fully immersed in holistic therapies and hope to work in the field for many years to come.


Sessions are available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday; 5.15pm - 8.30pm

& Friday & Saturday; 9.15am - 5.15pm.

Consultations and free advise canbe given over the phone prior to any treatment.

All services are delivered in an easy to access Moortown address with parking and good links to public transport.

How to reach me

Email:  hello@reflexologyleeds.co.uk

Telephone: 07813672742

Website:  www.reflexologyleeds.co.uk

Please follow me on social media for the latest offers and deals:

Twitter:  @reflex_leeds

Facebook:  Reflexology Leeds


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