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Reflexology by Abi

Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS26 9LD
Phone: 07841485930
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Based in Methley LS26 I offer mobile appointments on a Wednesday evening and treatments within my own relaxing treatment room on a Thursday evening as well as Thursday and Friday during school hours. Reflexology can support everyone from babies all the way through to grandparents and the elderly. Working on reflex points on the feet or hands we are relaxing the body that may be under stress, tension or disease to help the body become balanced to allow it to work efficiently to heal the body.

Maternity reflexology

Recently trained in Maternity reflexology to support couples through conception / fertility issues, throughout pregnancy, post labour and for families dealing with miscarriages or pregnancy loss.

Maternity reflexology is simply reflexology used to nurture the woman and her baby on a physical, emotional and spiritual level - pre-conceptually, throughout pregnancy, the birth itself and during the postnatal period.

Pre-Conception and Fertility

Planning for and conceiving a baby is one of the most exciting experiences in a couple's life and anticipating parenthood can be an emotional and fulfilling time.

Pre-conceptual care is all about preparing the body, mind and spirit for the miracle of conceiving,  both men and women are encouraged to have treatments to help regulate the menstrual cycle and to stimulate healthy sperm production.

For others the pain and disappointment of not conceiving can have a huge impact on their lives and cause great anguish. Reflexology can be used successfully to aid conception and has an excellent reputation in helping couples overcome fertility challenges by balancing all the body systems, regulating cycles and reducing stress and tension, thus creating the best environment for an incoming soul. When your body is in this balanced, relaxed state, the conditions are ideal for conception.

During Pregnancy

During the nine months of pregnancy a woman's body goes through enormous physical changes; a new life is developing inside her and pregnancy hormones are abundant.

For some women this can be a long period of discomfort and fatigue with nausea, headaches, backache and other conditions associated with pregnancy, taking away the joy and excitement of being pregnant and expecting a baby.

Reflexology has shown to be excellent in treating these common conditions and in maintaining balance during the rapidly changing experience of pregnancy.

  • morning sickness/nausea
  • headaches
  • pain & discomfort
  • stress & anxiety
  • fatigue
  • backache
  • digestive problems/constipation

The skill of the reflexologist is to balance and bring homeostasis to the whole body, therefore it can help make your pregnancy a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

Kids reflexology

Soon to be trained in Kids reflexology running small group classes for babies / toddlers and parents to support and increase bonding with your child.

When your baby or child is ill or suffering in some way, our natural instinct as a parent is to want to help and support them in whatever way we can. This could be in the middle of the night, during the day when we cannot get in contact with our GP or Health visitor for advice and support. Therefore knowing how to help our baby or child through a gentle touch approach could be of great value during these times of need, when all they want is to be close to the people they love and feel safe around as well as in an environment they are familiar with.

Some of the situations you may want to use reflexology on babies and children could include:  sleep problems, teething, pre and post immunisation, reflux, constipation, allergies, tummy upsets, earache tantrums, night frights, stress and anxiety, colic, coughs and colds, asthma and much more.


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