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Rae Bowen Therapy

Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29 8HN
Phone: 07762 627940
Website Address: https://www.raebowentherapy.co.uk/
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Hi and welcome to my listing for Reflexology.

I offer Clinical Reflexology which means that I am trained to help you with any health issues as well as a more general de-stress and relaxation.  I have many years experience of working with people for a variety of health conditions, many of which are underpinned or exacerbated by stress and anxiety. Reflexology deeply relaxes the body and allows our minds to switch off. These things in themselves lessen the effects of stress and anxiety, helping you to balance and let go of tension.

I am also fully trained in Fertility Reflexology so if you're looking for help with conception, infertility and its associated anxiety then please check out my website for further information. There you will also see my list of qualifications and post-graduate training - something I undertake every year.

As well as Reflexology, I also offer Bowen Therapy - a very gentle hands-on therapy that aims to release tension in our connective tissue system thereby reducing stiffness and pain.  These are two very powerful treatments that work in harmony with your body to re-balance and get you back where you want to be.


About me

Although the most common reasons people seek out complementary therapy are to reduce pain levels or cope with a long term condition, everybody has a different reason and a different story to tell. Any of us can experience the improved health and benefits that therapy can bring. I have been practising therapies for over 17 years and still love seeing the amazing results they can bring to people's lives. I specialise in just the two therapies - Reflexology and the Bowen Technique - which allows me to understand each one in depth and to know which will be most beneficial to you.

If you choose to contact me you can rest assured that you are:

  • safe in the hands of a therapist with over 17 years experience
  • choosing a therapist who is fully insured and a member of two accredited registers
  • seeking help with a therapist who will take the time to look at your unique set of circumstances to select the right treatment for you

I am very passionate about what I do. I remember well the relief many years ago when I discovered complementary therapy and how much difference it made to my life. So much so that I decided to train for myself, first in Reflexology and later in the Bowen Technique. I would love to be able to pass on that experience so that you too can feel the benefits. Trust me, you'll never look back and I really look forward to welcoming you.



I am based at the Ilkley Healing Centre with its superb quiet yet central location and which has been providing therapies to the people of Ilkley since 1986. The clinic is easy to reach either by car or public transport.

I offer appointments throughout the week, including early, late and some weekends.

How to reach me

All my contact details are at the top of this listing and I have lots more information available on my website www.raebowentherapy.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.



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