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Moira Triance BA (Hons) Complementary Therapies MAR

Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Phone: 07967 369312
Website Address: www.moiratriance.co.uk
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I provide high quality reflexology treatments in clients' homes, in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas.

Reflexology is a wonderful treatment for relaxation, stress relief, relieving tension (that can lead to pain), improving sleep and many other conditions. Reflexology can be performed on all age groups and is completely non-invasive. Having trained in reflexology, massage, aromatherapy and Reiki, I have a very broad understanding of the health benefits of complementary therapies and aim to help my clients achieve good health and wellbeing. Clients have come to me for reflexology with various conditions, ranging from muscular and joint pain, depression, anxiety, pregnancy, digestive and stress related conditions through to serious illnesses such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

About me

I am a mature and experienced reflexologist and have a first class honours degree in Complementary Therapies. I also have experience of working in a multi-discipline GPs' practice and other clinic environments.

My aim is to provide the best, individual treatment possible, tailored to each client's personal needs. I work continuously to improve my knowledge and skills by undergoing regular continuing professional development training and I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.


I provide treatments either at my treatment room in the centre of Haywards Heath, or in clients' homes. I can be very flexible about working hours, including appointments at weekends. My latest appointment time Monday - Friday is 6pm, 4pm on Saturdays. The charge for treatment is £35 per session within 3 miles of Haywards Heath, £5 travel expenses are added for appointments up to 10 miles from Haywards Heath. Discounts are available for bulk bookings, please see my website for more details.

How to reach me

My treatment room is in the centre of Haywards Heath. I also make home visits, in which case all I ask is that you have somewhere quiet in your home where you can receive treatment and we where we won't be interrupted. Parking close to your home is necessary too as I bring a reflexology chair and all my equipment.


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