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Valerie Burt Reflexology

Leyland, Lancashire
Phone: 01772497135
Website Address: http://www.valerieburtreflexology.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
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Reflexology.  I normally visit clients' homes.

A reflexologist uses hands only to apply a gentle pressure to the feet. For each patient the application of the therapy is unique. Drugs or medication of any kind are never used. Sensitive trained hands apply pressure to minute points on the feet which may have a stimulating effect throughout the whole body and eliminate toxins, restoring the free flow of energy and nutrients to the body's cells.

The therapy induces a state of deep relaxation and so it may be particularly helpful in dealing with stress related ailments. Following a therapy some reactions can occur as the body strives to remove toxins from the system and the elimination systems become more active, resulting in a form of healing crisis, such as an increase in secretions of the mucus membranes or passing more urine, a feeling of tiredness, or the reverse, a feeling of increased vitality. In most cases the person will feel more relaxed which may help the body to become more balanced.

About me

Valerie has been practising as a reflexologist since 1998. She became interested inreflexology when undergoing treatment herself and was so impressed that she trained as a reflexologist under Simon Duncan, whose courses are accredited by the Association of Reflexologists.


I am very flexible but do not usually work at weekends.My area of work is the Leyland Preston Chorley area.

A therapy session would last for about an hour in which the therapist applies gentle pressure to the feet. A course of several treatments is recommended.

Treatment costs from £25 per hour according to requirements.

How to reach me

I usually travel to clients' homes and only rarely have clients visit me.  I bring all my own equipment, though most clients use their own chair.

Please feel free to telephone me on on 01772497135, there is an answerphone.; e-mail valerieburtreflexology@blueyonder.co.uk 


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