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the BiG TOE

Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8AU
Phone: 07867 535674
Website Address: www.thebigtoe.co.uk
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I offer hot stone reflexology as well as traditional reflexology.

In its simplest form, reflexology is a great, relaxing massage. But it is so much more than this. It can help aid relaxation, release tension, improve sleep, improve mood and increase wellbeing. Reflexologists do not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe but reflexology can help support you with whatever life is throwing your way.

As a holistic therapy it incorporates the mind, body and spirit. Specific areas on the feet and hands (the reflexes) correspond to different parts of the body and by applying pressure to all these reflexes in a sequence the body's natural flow of energy is restored and maintained. This increase in energy clears any nervous and tissue congestion, removes toxins and encourages the body's own innate healing ability and general wellbeing. It doesn't hurt at all and is extremely relaxing and soothing.

Your session will be tailored to you, taking into account any physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your current wellbeing. And if you're just looking for a bit of me-time, that works too.

Hot stone reflexology is warming, deeply relaxing and soothing. They can help melt away any tension or anxiety.  In traditional reflexology, fingers and thumbs are used to massage the reflex points on the feet. When using the hot stones, these are placed on the same reflexes for a short period of time and then used to massage each area. Nurturing and grounding, they help you feel comforted, secure and safe.

About me

My name is Kathryn and I am a registered Association of Reflexology therapist having completed my training in 2003. The power of reflexology is continually surprising me and I find meeting new people, hearing their stories and seeing how reflexology can help them, simply amazing. I know each and every one of us is a wonderful yet complex machine. Reflexology is a great way to help our inner engines restore and maintain themselves.

I chose the name the BiG TOE for no particular reason and many reasons. I liked the name, that was the 'no particular reason.' Reflexology treats the body as a whole and the big toe is an easily identifiable part of the body. It holds the head (including the brain), neck and top of the spinal cord reflexes so represents our knowledge and nerve epicentres. The brain is the initiator of body movement and controls our behaviour. It's the source of all qualities that define us as humans and it is the crown jewel of the human body. I also trekked to some dinosaur footprints in Sucre, Bolivia. These have to be the biggest and greatest toes I'll ever see. And so the BiG TOE was created.

Having read Jane Sheehan's book Let's Read Our Feet! I've subsequently learnt that if you have a very big, big toe, this means you're fantastic at brainstorming, coming up with new ideas and thinking outside the box. If you're looking for a problem solver, find someone with a big toe! However, if you have a small big toe, you're a great multi-tasker juggling lots of things at once and never loosing your way. If you've got a lot to do with not much time, a small big toe will help you achieve the impossible.


I am available weekdays, weekends and evenings so please give me a call

Taster Treatment 30 mins £15

Reflexology is so much more than a relaxing massage so a taster treatment is a great opportunity to see what it can do for you. All the reflexes on both feet will be worked in a sequence and then we’ll have a chat through what I felt and how reflexology may be able to help you. Most importantly it will be a very relaxing half hour of me-time.

Initial Consultation 60-90 mins £30 

With your feet warming in a relaxing footbath, we’ll go through your health history taking into account any physical and non-physical factors that may be affecting your wellbeing.  Concentrating on the areas discussed you’ll then have a full reflexology treatment with time to talk through the session afterwards. You will leave relaxed, soothed and calmed.

Follow-on Sessions 45-60 mins £30 

Having taken your health history in the initial session, we’ll discuss anything that may have changed and how you felt after the previous treatment, while your feet relax in the footbath. We’ll then start the full reflexology treatment concentrating on particular reflexes on the feet. Again you’ll leave the session feeling relaxed, soothed and calmed.

How to reach me

I am based at The Holistic Health Centre, 26 Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8AU

Mount Ephraim is based at the top of Tunbridge Wells just off London Road before the St Johns area


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