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Alison Keeley MAR

Upminster, Greater London (Havering), RM14 2XH
Phone: 01375 464930
Website Address: www.healingandteaching.co.uk
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Fully qualified/insured complimentary therapist since 1996 - Full member of the Association of Reflexologists

Speaker/advisor on ADD and autistic spectrum ( treating with Reflexology )

Advance Reflexology Practitioner

Indian Head Massage Therapy Practitioner

Energy Healing Practitioner

Reiki Healing Practitioner

About me

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 1996 and the therapy never fails to surprise me in the way its qualities benefit many different conditions. Since qualifying, other therapies have drawn my attention and I have qualified in different therapies that I enjoy delivering and have immense faith in. The different complimentary therapies have shown that each individual, will positively respond to the therapy that most suits their individual physically and spiritually needs. Complimentary therapies are indeed holistic, treating the mind, body and spirit and bringing all three into balance and encouraging the body to heal. I took my Reiki level 1 in 1997 and in 1998 qualified as a Reiki level 2 practitioner. From 2000 - 2002 I taught NVQ 3 Indian Head Massage in Hereford & Worcester College, after qualifying in the therapy. In 2007 I taught NVQ3 Reflexology and NVQ3 Indian Head Massage in Thurrock & Basildon College. As you can see my passion,trust and interest in the complimentary therapies over the years just kept growing.

I am a college lecturer and teach young people 16-19 years old, who find ADD and other autistic spectrum conditions a burden to their daily lives. I have been teaching in this area since 1996. 

I give talks on the benefits of all the therapies I practice and also ADD/ADHD.




Day: Thursdays between 9am - 4pm at the Upminster Sanctuary or Saturdays between 9am - 1pm 

Eve:  Fridays 6.30pm - 8.30pm or Saturday 6.30pm - 8.30pm at Home Clinic 



How to reach me

The Complimentary Healing & Teaching Sanctuary

Pea Lane


RM14 2XH

Tel: 01708 251124  Website: www.healingandteaching.co.uk

or  Tel: 01375 464930  Mob: 07854361244 - Email: amtommo@gmail.com


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