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Susanne Prentice at Moonbeams for Mind Body and Soul

Welling, Greater London (Bexley), DA16 3HS
Phone: 07900 993644
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About me

Having psychic abilities has always been “normal” to me.  I’m a 4th generation psychic so I grew up thinking that everyone’s family were like mine.  I vividly remember seeing Spirit when I was in my cot; there were often a lot of other “people” around me! It wasn’t until my teenage years that I realised that my friends weren’t like me - I was amazed that no one else was able to see or hear Spirit! So, I tried to suppress my abilities to fit in; I don’t really like attention and I certainly didnt want to be the “weird one”.  It wasn’t until I had my own children and they went to school that I occasionally let slip that I had a message for someone if they wanted it.  Of course they always did and they were amazed at the accuracy of what I was telling them, and word soon got out.  My children’s school even asked me to do readings at the school fetes to raise money for the school and I used to have a queue round the block! It didn’t really occur to me to actually use my abilities as a career - remember that it was so normal for me that although I knew I was different, I never thought that my abilities were particularly special.  I went from one career to another; secretarial, shop work, nursing, complementary therapies and always my psychic abilities whatever job I was doing! I would see the opportunities open to whoever was in front of me, whatever job I was doing!


Psychic Readings £80

Past Life Regression £199 per session

Reflexology £40

Therapeutic Massage £45 Full Body, £30 Back, Neck & Shoulders,

Aromatherapy Massage £50 Full Body, £35 Back, Neck & Shoulders

Reiki £50

Hopi Ear Candling £45

Benefit from a choice of treatments to suit your individual needs in a calm, relaxed, tranquil setting in which you can feel at ease and comfortable.

I am a member of The Association of Reflexologists, The Complementary Therapists Association, The Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis Association


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