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Morwenna Grey Reflexology

Aberystwyth, Dyfed, SY24 5NZ
Website Address: aberystwythreflexology.co.uk
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Reflexology work on the theory that the face represents a multi maps that correspond to different systems and organs within the body. The feet have over 7,000 nerve endings and too work on the principle that the whole foot is a reflection of the body as a whole, i.e. the toes represent the head with the inside edges representing the spine and then the internal/external organs being mapped accordingly to this. By relieving tension within the body as a whole you are sending a positive emotional & physical environmental signal via neural transmitters. People will often report a shifting of emotions, temporary relieve from chronic pain, increased and improved waste removal, urination, improved sleep and energy levels, improved suppleness.  Regular treatments use relaxation to regulate better overall functioning and response to external and internal stimuli therefore especially useful to prevent and manage stress related illnesses.

After a Face & Foot massage treatment you can come away feeling energised and relaxed, either a healthy glow or like you are walking on air. Reflexology works through massage to switch on restfulness within the nervous system to counterbalance stresses and overuse throughout the day. Rest within all systems is fundamental to encourage the own bodies 'inbuilt healing properties' which are the fundamentals in creating resistance and intelligence to how we want our bodies to respond and work.  Reflexology works as part of  prevention of ill health & positive health experience by encouraging an environment where by we can listen and feel encouraged that the body works as a 'whole' Reflexology can be useful support to improve function within muscular, reproductive, respiratory & digestive systems through focus and relaxation.






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