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P Lynne Jagger

Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6DT
Phone: 01935 817227
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Reflexology is an ancient therapy and has become widely used as a current day holistic complementary therapy helping many conditions.

Reflexologists usually work on points on the feet, lower leg or hands but it also may be performed on the face and ears.

The aim is to relax and rebalance the body, hopefully restoring a better frame of mind and improved sense of well-being.

It is non intrusive and may be received by people of all ages, however occasionally it may not be suitable to provide a treatment and cannot be used to diagnose health problems.

Reflexology can be very beneficial in helping with the stresses of modern life.

About me

I qualified as a Precision Reflexologist in 1993 and have been working full time and part time ever since for over 20 years.

I also qualified as a Chiropodist at the same time  (which I practised for approx 10 years) but now I concentrate solely on Precision Reflexology as I find it such a wonderful extraordinary teratment.

Reflexology never ceases to suprise me how it can have such an impact on people, helping with both the body's energy, physical and mental state.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists and Federation of Precision Reflexologists.


I am available most week days Monday to Friday and some evenings.

I work from home and have have a relaxing treatment room set up for clients.

The first appointment is usually approximately one and a half hours long, at the beginning I have to take case notes.The following appointments are usually one and a quarter hours.

How to reach me

By phone     01935 817227     if you leave a message I will call you back.

By e-mail     l.jagger2@btinternet.com



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