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Company: ZunZun Therapies

Bristol, Bristol, BS8 2PL
Phone: 07718337229
Website Address: www.zunzuntherapies.co.uk
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Services and fees

Ayurvedic Abdominal Massage … 50 minutes.... £35

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage .......... 1hr .... £45

Indian Head Massage ..................... 50min .... £35

Reflexology, Precision Reflexology, Pre conception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care Reflexology .... 1hr .... £35

Swedish Massage ............................. 1hr .... £40

Deep Tissue...……. 1hr ………… £45

Back, Neck and Shoulders ……. 40 minutes …. £25

Aromatherapy …….. 1hr ….. £45

About me:

Nelsa the practitioner was born and raised in Cuba, although she has always been fascinated by the medical ciences, she studied Internatioal Relations at Havana University and graduated in 1991.

It was here in the UK where she was introduced to Andre Peel, an elderly old lady whom after surviving the concentration camps of WWII against all odds, devoted the rest of her life helping people overcome physical pains and ailments.

Being present during some of her treatments and sensing her devotion and commitment to her healing powers certainly influenced Nelsa's wish to help others in whatever field of medicine she has always felt a passion, Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Her practice focuses on treating clients with professionalism in a very warming, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Her goal is to guide individuals from all walk of life in a sense of general well being through natural health.

She encourages all clients to fill in a full consultation form free of charges to make sure there is nothing that could prevent your treatment from taking place.

She also request a referral from your doctor in case your are under specific medications or have had surgery within the last 6 months.


Biomedicine Studies, Anatomy and Physiology

VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Indian Head Massage

VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage

ABC Diploma in Reflexology

Emergency First Aid Certificate

Certificate in Aromatherapy Massage

Nutrition for Every Day Living

Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapies

BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy

Post Graduate Diploma Courses 

Spinal Reflexology Diploma

Preconception, Pregnancy and Post Natal Care Diploma

Precision Reflexology Diploma

Opening Times

Mon - Fri / 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sat / 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cancellations Policy: 24 prior your treatment

How to reach me:

Website: www.zunzuntherapies.co.uk

Contact Number: 07718337229


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